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Format Of The Event

As the event grows it is evaluated each year and slight changes to format are accommodated to enhance the experience for our golfers. The format for the inaugural event is as follows:

Round Robin Team Event – each team member plays 3 x 6-hole matches per 18 holes. Each day you are allocated a new fourball. Each of the 4-team members play 3 matches over 18 holes against golfers in the same Championship Course Handicap bracket.

This means that in every 4-ball:

  • 1 plays 2 and 3 plays 4 over the first 6 holes.
  • 1 plays 4 over holes 7-12 and 2 plays 3
  • 1 plays 3 over holes 13-18 and 2 plays 4

Each player competes in 12 x 6-hole matches over 4 days for their individual score. Simultaneously and collectively, the team plays a total of 48 x 6-hole matches for an accumulative score

Women Players with a Handicap Index over 30 will play off 30 before adjustment to the championship course slope rating. Men will play off 24 Handicap Index before adjustment to the championship course slope rating.


Your Handicap Index will be calculated from your home course, and a new course handicap for the championship allocated according to the course played and the difference between two players over 18 holes will be divided by 3 for six holes and rounded off from 0.5 up or 0.4 down e.g. 7 shot difference over 18 holes is 7/3=2.3 rounded down to 2 shot difference between the two players for the 6-hole Match Play Championship. These will be allocated on the lowest stroked holes over the six holes. Golfer 1 plays off scratch and golfer 2 plays off 2.

At the end of each day’s play each player has played 3 matches and the 4-team members’ scores are added together to determine the team position on the log.


Team A scores

  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a half
  • Golfer 1 wins 3 matches: 9 points
  • Golfer 2 wins 1 match loses 1 and halves 1: 4 points
  • Golfer 3 wins 2 matches halves 1: 7 points
  • Golfer 4 loses 3 matches: 0 points
  • Total: 20 points 

Team B scores

  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a half
  • Golfer 1 wins 2 matches loses 1: 3 points
  • Golfer 2 wins 1 match halves 2: 5 points
  • Golfer 3 wins 2 matches halves 1: 7 points
  • Golfer 4 wins 1 halves 1 loses 1: 4 points
  • Total: 19 points

Team A is ahead of Team B

All teams compete across 8 trophy categories:

  • Crown
  • Cup
  • Shield
  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Cannon
  • Sword
  • Horseshoe

Round Robin Stages

The 4-ball team is split with each player competing against 3 players from 3 different teams in other 4-ball draws daily.

Team Count Out Rules

In the event that after the rounds, two or more teams finish on the same accumulative score then the following rules will apply in terms of a count out.

The team with the highest combined points on the same course on the 4th day of play will win the count-out.

  • In the event that the above does not produce a winner then the team with the highest Combined score after the 3rd, then 2nd day will apply.
  • In the unlikely event that none of the above provide a clear winner then it will go to the 1st round of each team on the same course and will involve the last 6 holes, and if this does not provide a result then the last 3 holes, similarly then the last 2 holes and then last hole for the final position.
  • In the extremely unlikely event that the above does not provide a winner, the score from the first hole of 1st round on the same course and subsequent holes in consecutive order from 1 to 18 will be used until a winner is determined.
  • If a tie still remains the tournament committee reserves the right to declare a winner based on additional count out rules.

Event Scoring

  • The matches are played off Medal scoring, with players allocated the differential between their two handicaps as a stroke advantage. In every match the difference between the two handicaps are calculated for a 6 Hole Match and the player with excess shots keeps that as a shot difference.
    E.g. If after calculating their championship handicap based on their home club handicap index and the championship course slope rating, Player A is a 6 handicap and player B is a 12 handicap, it is divided by 3 to provide a shot difference over 6-holes. Then player A is off a scratch and player B has a 2-shot advantage (6 / 3 = 2) according to the course stroke index rating over the 6 holes.
  • The field will be restricted to a maximum 256 players (64 teams) of four amateur club members. However final numbers are at the discretion of the organisers in keeping the tournament competitive.
  • The event shall be played under the auspices of the R&A rules of golf, and the host country conditions of competition and event local rules as determined by the Tournament Committee.

Tee Markers

  • The Championship will have its own Tee markers and you will be Slope Rated accordingly based on your home handicap.


All players are to play off the handicap supplied by the Tournament Director on the scorecard. The tournament committee reserves the right to reduce a player's handicap based on performance. 


The par value and stroking on all holes will be the same for ladies and men. In order to ensure fairness there are some instances where the ladies tee may be on the fairway to ensure the hole plays to the same par and stroke as the men.

Tee times

  • All tee times will be at the discretion of the Tournament Director. A one tee, three tee or shotgun option may be considered.
  • If because of a rain or weather delay a team or teams need to complete a round on a golf course from a previous day, the tournament committee reserves the right to change the tee times for that day. All tee times will be posted the night before each round.
  • Rule 6-3a Applies currently and will be amended with the new rules to 5.3a from 2019.

General Rules Applying To All Host Courses

The event organisers and tournament officials will provide you with the hard card applicable to the event.


When a match is declared won, the 4-ball will complete the six holes where those still competing continue in competition and those whose match is complete can simply play the holes for practice and not to disrupt the flow of play through 18 holes where matches are taking place every 6 holes.

Tournament Office

Location details will be displayed in the lobby on arrival.

Tournament Committee

The Tournament Committee will include the Tournament Technical Director, Event Communications Director, and the course rules official on the day.

Handicap Information

All amateurs will be required to compete off their full handicaps for the duration of the tournament.

NOTE PENALTIES: Each Club Team will be required to complete the handicap form confirming the handicap of each player as at date of entry. The form will be considered incomplete if the club stamp, signature of the relevant person and contact details is not provided on registration. Failure to submit a handicap form at registration will result in a 2-shot deduction off the amateurs handicap for the duration of the tournament.

Tournament Committee reserves the right to adjust a competitor's handicap during the tournament.


At registration the following must be supplied:

Certified handicap forms for all 4 amateurs in each team