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Prize Pool

Trophies will be awarded for the first 3 teams in each of the eight trophy divisions. Additional Daily Prizes will be drawn randomly and allocated on different days.

Category winners

  • Crown
  • Cup
  • Shield
  • Plate
  • Bowl
  • Cannon
  • Sword
  • Horseshoe

After each day (3 matches per player – 12 for the team) teams are allocated into the eight (8) different Trophy Divisions to play for final positions on the leaderboard. Allocations are made from top to bottom starting with the Cup Division down to the Last Division depending where the team sits on the leaderboard after each day.

Day 4 teams play for final positions in each cup category.

Individual scores are calculated in two ways:

  1. As Category individual champion places 1-3; and
  2. As overall Category champion places 1-3 regardless of handicap or which category you end up playing day 4

Amateur Prizes

  • Amateur prize rules: According to the regulations laid down by the global amateur code, no amateur can win more than the prescribed amount of retail value of prizes for the entire duration of the tournament.
  • Prize Allocation: A total of R300 000 in prizes will be allocated amongst all four team players according to the allowances for amateurs, and for different performances during the championship, allowing many people to win, even if not on the podium.
  • The prizes will be allocated in the following way: All prizes will be allocated according to the highest possible value and position a team finishes in over the 4 days.
    • Additional novelty prizes
  • Amateur Trophies:
    • Team Trophy - There are prizes for each team for 1st to 3rd in each of the 8 Trophy categories
    • Individual Trophy - 1st to 3rd individually in each handicap division.
    • Hole-in-One Luxury Car: The Hole-in-One prize is handed over to the winner in the host country. All export responsibility stays with the winner. The prize may be exchanged for a cash offer.